E- Journals


These journals was changed from printed to online journals subscription from 2018 onwards.
You can access e – journal in the campus only. Click at the journal cover to read and download ! 

    (Available in 2018)             (Available in 2018-2019)            (Available in 2018)

(Available in 2007-2019)        (Available in 1997-2021)        (Available in 2018-2019)

    (Available in 2018)                   (Available in 2018)          (Available in 1997-2021)

 (Available in 2011-2017)      (Available in 2001-2021)

If you can’t access or download please let us know or have any question :
📱LINE OFFICIAL: https://lin.ee/4ZTScOC
Facebook Chat: http://m.me/payapuniversitylibrary